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    Joya Homes and Educare Company was set up with the sole purpose to bring hope and joy to the homeless and abandoned children of Nomzamo, Somerset West. As community members, being stirred by the need, we could not just turn away without doing something. Joya Homes means 'more joy'.It is a reminder to have hope and joy where there seems to be none evident, apart from a strong desire to bring it about.

The main project under Joya Homes is Lydia's House. Lydia is a foster parent to 7 children and her sister Phumeza cares for another 7 children in the same way.

Lydia and Phumeza's vision is to provide a home of love for the unloved, the abandoned, the homeless children in Nomzamo, Somerset West. To care for them as a mother does.

The mission of Joya Homes is to join efforts with Lydia and Phumeza, by setting up proper structures and procedures to ensure they have the financial aid needed to raise and care for the children. Besides the physical needs, these children have massive emotional and spiritual needs and hurts of the past. We want to ensure that each child gets the appropriate counselling.

A part of our mission is also to develop and build cluster foster homes and train foster mothers so that the enormous need for care can be addressed.

    meet lydia


Many years ago Lydia, an ordinary mother, was confronted in a way that changed her life forever.
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